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Company History

About Gold Country Kit Homes

As a real estate agent in Lodi, Ca in the 1990’s I spent several years working as a new home salesman at a housing development of upscale custom homes. I assisted each homebuyer to design their home and work with the architect to complete the plans and then oversee the construction through completion of the home. I learned many valuable home building lessons that built upon my previous experiences of building a small home and a large workshop. When the development was built out, I began finding my clients bare land to build on and did several projects with local contractors.

In 1998 I became an independent dealer for a northern California “kit home” manufacturer. My sales area was in “Gold Country” so we moved up to Amador County. I did well for several years until the company began having financial problems so in April of 2011 I contacted the area’s premier “kit home” manufacturer, Pacific Modern Homes, Inc.(PMHI) and became an independent dealer with them and re-started my company as “Gold Country Kit Homes”. This was a big “step up” for me because PMHI is very professionally operated with strict quality standards for their product as well as high expectations from their dealers including advanced product and sales training.

Now, Gold Country Kit Homes is on a roll! with better product, better pricing and a well-trained dealer!

Packaged homes are not a new concept

Pacific Homes, was founded in 1906 in Los Angeles, California....but is not related to PMHI. Sears, Roebuck & Co. were the leaders in America from 1908 to 1940. Many of these early "kit homes" are now historical landmarks all across America.

In June of 1968, Pacific Modules, Inc. (PMI) was incorporated. Along with a sister company, Pacific Buildings, Inc. (PBI) in Marks, MS, both PMI and PBI were involved in building houses utilizing their packages in their respective areas as General Contractors.

In October 1973, the corporate name was changed to Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. By 1980, PMHI ceased being a General Contractor and concentrated on only being a manufacturer and supplier to general contractors, developers and owner-builders through a network of representatives and dealers.

In 1990, PMHI began exporting packages. The Pacific Building System has been used in projects in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, and China. We also class shipments to Alaska and Hawaii as "export" as they involve shipment by containers. In addition to supplying home building materials, PMHI has supplied equipment for local production of wall panels and roof trusses, construction supervision, and site planning.

Want to learn more about PMHI and how to build a new home, garage, or barn in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington? Contact Gold Country Kit Homes. All other areas, worldwide, except in Japan or Lebanon, use our Web Order Homes program.